Pinhole Pro Max - World's First Pinhole Lens with a Variable Aperture
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Pinhole Pro Max, designed by Forbus Lu is the world’s first pinhole lens with a variable aperture. The lens is from a retro touch to your modern camera and is available on Kickstarter for  $219.

You get the option to choose from the 6 different apertures available, along with a variable focal length. The Pinhole Pro Max is a combination of old photography with the latest technology. The precisely engineered aluminum body sports a toggle ring and a manual zoom. This enables you to shoot using numerous settings from indoors or outdoors and it offers low low-light to brightly lit conditions.

The Pinhole Pro Max is ideal for both professionals as well as hobbyists. The uniquely versatile little tool present adds a layer of dreamy grunge to your photos and videos.

Contemporary cameras use state-of-the-art lenses, mirrors, mounts, and AF/MF techniques to deliver amazing images, which makes them too life-like. On the other hand, vintage filters offer a vintage charm with colors and de-saturated/different, and the vignette around the borders. The Pinhole Pro Max uses a precision micro-drilled pin-size hole instead of a complex array of glass lenses and does have to rely on software. Pinhole Pro Max - World's First Pinhole Lens with a Variable Aperture-1The Pinhole Pro Max comes with 6 differently sized holes, which you can toggle through. Each of the holes features a different aperture width, this allows you to vary the amount of light in your camera’s sensor. The apertures range from 0.15mm to 0.5mm, allowing you to work in brightly lit or dimly lit scenarios. This also helps you with its ability to capture color, as you can go from a desaturated, almost B/W style to a retro-blurry color style of photography.Pinhole Pro Max - World's First Pinhole Lens with a Variable Aperture-2

The Pinhole Pro Max does not use any glass lenses, this makes it more durable than other lenses as there is nothing delicate you can scratch or break. With an overall weight of lens of around 117 grams and a 58mm diameter, it supports all popular DSLR and Mirrorless mounts, like the Canon EOS/EF/RF, Nikon F/Z, Sony A/E, Fuji X, Pentax K, and Micro 4/3. The other optional accessories include filters, such as a UV filter, a CPL filter, and an ND2 filter; they will provide better control when light enters your camera sensor.

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