Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers
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Polaroid Music features colorful bluetooth speakers with an impact. Polaroid brand is known for its colorful cameras that offer impactful photography.

The company is exploring the musical lanes with a series of four consumer-oriented speakers that resemble the company’s vibrant image.Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_111There are many different speakers in the Polaroid line, including different sizes and prices for different consumers. The speaker reflects the playful line’s image of perfection by its impressive hues. Additionally, the Bluetooth speakers are perfect for quality audio playback.Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_3The four speakers are P1, P2, P3 and P4. They don’t have voice assistants or fancy features but they have powerful colors. The Polaroid cube-shaped P1 can play music for 10 hours and is the only one with an IPX5 waterproof rating. All of their speakers can be paired to each other so you can have the same sound in all rooms too.Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_1 The P2 has 2 times playback time in comparison to the P1, but is equally portable. The speakers are similar in shape and output, but the P4 is much more powerful and louder than the P2. The largest of all Polaroid speakers, the P4 and like others also lasts for 15 hours.Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_4Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_9 With the advent of new technology in the form of speakers you can wear around, it is now possible for travelers to stay connected with their music on the go. All these colorful and powerful speakers come with features such as handles, straps and LED screens, and one notable feature is the ability to tune into Polaroid’s radio stations and share songs with your loved ones.Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_2 Polaroid Music - Colorful  Bluetooth Speakers_12The Polaroid Speakers come in all sizes and shapes, the square-shaped P1 is priced at $59.99; compatible with Polaroid Music App, the P2 is priced at $129.99; Polaroid P3 will set you back $189.99. While the biggest of them all, the P4 music player, available in black and yellow, will cost $289.99.

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