PowerVIsion S1
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PowerVision S1 is the world’s tiniest smartphone stabilizer designed by PowerVision. It is a must-have tool if you are into using your smartphone for capturing awesome footage for your vlog or other activities. PowerVision S1 is the world’s most compact smartphone gimbal with a built-in 3-axis stabilizer, a wireless power bank, a tripod, and even AI tracking for those completely hands-free shots.

PowerVision S1 is the size of a power bank, AI-powered film crew. The tiny device makes life easy for you as it tracks and follows subjects, stabilizes video footage, and comes with a number of bundled apps that make it possible to automatically stream to your social media, or even edit the videos in the post. It can do all this without degrading the quality, unlike your digital stabilizer.PowerVIsion S1

You can charge your phone via wireless power bank allowing your video setup to last longer to capture some more meaningful extra footage.

Generally, gimbals are extremely large devices, this is where PowerVision S1 wins with its impressive design and engineering feats. PowerVision S1 manages to scale down the tech in large screen cameras to the size of a palm.

You can magnetically snap any smartphone onto its 3 axis stabilizers universal mount on top in portrait or landscape. The magnetic case is part of the magnetic mounting system that attaches to the smartphone. It offers dual usability as it not only protects the smartphone from damage but also supports PowerVision S1’s mounting feature.

The smartphone stabilizer features a kickstand that allows you to prop the phone up, while the magnetic mount can be mounted on a car or metallic surfaces like gym equipment or your refrigerator.PowerVIsion S1

The case also supports wireless charging, enabling you to juice up your phone’s battery. PowerVision S1 also comes with a mounting accessory you can stick with your existing case via a strong adhesive.

Once you settle down with mounting your smartphone PowerVision S1 software works its magic, transforming the tiny device into an AI-powered crew. It takes care of stabilizing your videos and takes care of camera movements such as panning, twisting, etc. The AI-based facial tracking and body tracking features of PowerVision S1 follow the subjects and move around within the frame or even outside the frame.PowerVIsion S1

You can control PowerVision S1 manually or using gestures to start/stop recording or tracking and even click pictures on a timer.

The bundled apps allow you to produce quality photo/video content such as automatic time-lapses, editing videos adding filters, transitions, and subtitles. You can also directly stream them on your social media accounts or video conferences.

Talking about the company, PowerVision was founded in 2009. The company developed multiple aerial and marine drones – so cameras, stabilizers, and AI videography tools are definitely in their zone. The tiny smartphone stabilizer is definitely gonna offer multiple pro-level features to your smartphone’s pro-level camera, allowing you to upgrade your photo and video game, be it for vlogs, events, sports, filmmaking, social content, or even business/commercial use. If that’s not enough it doubles up as a wireless power bank and easily slides into your pocket.

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