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Prince Dark Horse is a black beauty speaker concept, it’s a speaker with a large grille, physical knobs, and a variety of exposed ports is probably the last thing you’d think of. Gone are the days when we had speakers with big black boxes with one or two circles that throb to the beat. 

Thanks to the revolution’s in manufacturing, audio technology, and product design, it offers speakers in all shapes and sizes often designed with specific use cases and setup in mind. The Prince Dark Horse speakers are designed by GOAT1 as part of an outdoor sound system.

There are many speakers available, but you would love to see a few standard traits in a product designed for outdoor use. Dust and waterproofing will certainly be on top of your list, though it is not always the case in reality as there always seem to be few places for dust and water to enter. Prince Dark Horse - BLACK BEAUTY SPEAKER CONCEPT_1While designs keep rolling there are a few that stick to our mind, and the Prince Dark Horse is one of them. They are designed to rough it out in the great outdoors and are striking to fit that bill.

The Prince Dark Horse speakers are nicely designed and have the perfect blend of hard, cold edges and luxurious golden accents, similar to a majestic black horse. It features an asymmetrical golden grille that perfectly blends with the nearly black body of the speaker. Prince Dark Horse - BLACK BEAUTY SPEAKER CONCEPT_2The handles seem to have a soft, leather-like material that is juxtaposed with the body’s hard edges and corners. The knobs are circular and the ports face-off with rectangular buttons on the top panel that combines analog and digital interfaces in a single location. Everything harmoniously fits together with a lot of visual elements similar to the music that will play from it. Prince Dark Horse - BLACK BEAUTY SPEAKER CONCEPT_3Almost the size of a MacBook, the speaker is meant to be carried around even without a bag. The accessories gel perfectly with the speaker, as they share similar natural tones. Having said that, The Prince Dark Horse is a speaker you want to bring and use outdoors with extreme care.

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