Quo - Digital Highlighter A Must-Have For Heavy Readers
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Quo digital designed by Possibility Design is a must-have for heavy readers. Especially for those addicted to collecting and reading books. It is challenging to retain all the information and organize it and get back to them later on when needed. 

This is where the German-engineered Quo digital highlighter comes in handy. The product concept is a device that you can use to highlight important passages or chapters in a physical book while you are reading and convert it into a digital file. You can store this file on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, this handy device also features that help you further understand and organize what you want to save from that book.Quo - Digital Highlighter A Must-Have For Heavy Readers-1Quo digital highlighter can be easily clipped on a book like a bookmark. The designers have made an effort to recreate an experience that enables highlighting in a book so that the learning curve for using the device will not be steep. You not only scan the sentences that you highlight but connect it with an app that will allow you to save and organize what you need. It also features a dictionary and translator in the case which help you understand better if you’re not reading in your first language. It looks like they have not ventured deep into the record function, though we can assume it can record your personal notes while you’re reading.Quo - Digital Highlighter A Must-Have For Heavy Readers-2

That’s not all you can also connect it with other book readers so it’s good even in terms of collaborating platforms. It may work similarly to Amazon and Goodreads is with Kindle readers, users can make the notes they choose public so people can read the same book. It remains to be seen how it works with the app, as not many details are revealed. The device is much more on paper than reality. 

Folks into heavy reading would love the Quo digital highlighter as it keeps a database of all the important information that you get while reading books. The device offers many practical functions good for readers, though its design may be mistaken for an air conditioner remote. 

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