Raspberry Pi Gets Bootloader Feature To Help YouGet Started Easily
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Raspberry Pi gets a new boot load feature that will enable users to install an operating system like the official OS directly on the computer board rather than via a separate computer.

Earlier you required an image on a macOS, Windows, or Ubuntu desktop to install the OS on a Pi device. Also, you could install it by connecting another Pi device to an SD card reader on each of them. The latest additional feature will help users install the OS via network installation without requiring another computer. 

Currently, users can enjoy the network installer as a beta and will gather user feedback about their experience installing the OS onto a blank SD card from the network.

Peter Harper, Raspberry Pi software engineer, “How do you get the operating system onto an SD card if you don’t have another computer in the first place? It’s the classic chicken and egg problem, and we’ve just solved it.”

How to Install Raspberry Pi using the New Bootloader Tool?
Using the new tool, users don’t require another computer to run Raspberry Pi Image. You can start the application directly on a Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi 400 by connecting it to the Internet with an Ethernet cable.

You can follow the Raspberry Pi support note to install Raspberry Pi using the new tool. 

Though you need to understand the bootloader is a beta version and supports only the latest hardware, such as Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400, but not Pi 3 and earlier. Also, users are required to update the bootloader with their existing boards. 

Raspberry Pi devices will be shipped with a new network bootloader installed once the beta period ends. The SD card used to update the Raspberry Pi bootloader will also be erased 

How to Try the Raspberry Pi Beta Bootloader?

  • You can try the beta bootloader by selecting it from the Imager application.
  • Click Choose OS button, 
  • Operating System list in the pop-up window.
  • Click Misc utility images
  • Select Beta Test Bootloader

From rasberrypi.com the network install option downloads an embedded version of the Raspberry Pi imager into memory and runs it as a RAM disk. Considering the global chip shortage it’s not easy to get a new Raspberry Pi, which has triggered the device’s first-ever price rise. 

Raspberry Pi CEO told Zdnet, “We’re building Raspberry Pi 4 units as fast as we can, with roughly a million units being built in the first quarter (along with a bunch of Compute Modules and older products). As with last year, this is more a story of high demand than low supply: we shipped just over 7 million Raspberry Pis in 2021, flat on 2020… So supply is getting out there, but it’s definitely a tight market”.

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