Razer Finger Sleeve - Play Mobile Games
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Razer Finger Sleeve will allow you to play mobile games without getting sweaty thumbs. Razer has been known to come up with quirky products such as its Gaming toaster, Reusable Straw, and more.

As a mobile gamer, it is not easy to control the on-screen controls especially when you have sweaty thumbs. The latest offering from Razer will not only take care of sweaty thumbs but also prevent friction burn while mobile gaming.Razer Finger Sleeve - Play Mobile Games_1Razer Gaming Sleeve is a set of two-finger gloves, made from a blend of 60% Nylon, 35% Silver Fiber, this makes it touch-sensitive and 5% Spandex. The stretching Spandex woven into the fabric makes the design fit universally. The gaming sleeve comes in a single size and features Razer branding and logo on it.Razer Finger Sleeve - Play Mobile Games_2The Razer Gaming Sleeve is designed to be comfortable and breathable, at the same time provide capacitive sensitivity for quick touch-responsiveness while gaming. You will never end up pressing the wrong button while gaming as the gaming sleeve is non-slip too. Certainly, a good choice for intense gamers, each pair of finger-sleeves is priced at $9.99.Related Articles:

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