Reon Pocket
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Reon Pocket latest offering from Sony is a pocket air conditioner. The mini air conditioner can easily fit into a special undershirt. It is lighter and smaller than a mobile which makes it easy to commute around with.

Reon Pocket mini air conditioner can keep you cool for 24 hours, but this comes with a catch. The gadget uses a so-called Peltier element which keeps the temperature inside the clothes to around 13 degrees Celsius on a hot day, while on cool days it remains around 8 degrees Celsius. You can view the Reon Pocket in action in the video below.

The pocket air conditioner works on a lithium-ion battery which can last up to 90 minutes after 2 hours of charging using USB-C. You can control the temperatures using the associated app for both iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth.

Available Only in Japan

The catch is currently the device is available only in Japan on its crowdfunding First Flight. The project so far has received 28,236,670 yen and the target amount is 66,000,000. The mini air conditioner comes in two variants Lite version with manual temperature control will cost you around $118, while the standard variant with automatic temperature adjustment will cost you somewhere around $177.

The company also provides inner wearable in different sizes ie ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’. The inner wearable comes with a pocket made inside the neck where you can place the device. Reon pocket AC is not waterproof but you can use a hygroscopic soft cloth to wipe off dirt, sweat, water droplets that stick to it.