Robotic Crow  - A Next Gen Drone with Futuristic X Game of Thrones Vibes
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The Robotic Crow is a next-gen drone designed by Amin Akhshi with futuristic X Game of Thrones vibes. Crows are often considered to be associated with misfortune and darkness. This may not be always true as crows are not only beautiful birds but also playful and intelligent. The Robotic Crow looks good with the many other robotic creations from the likes of Boston Dynamics such as Spot the dog robot and more. 

Amin Akshi has been designing a number of bionic birds, the Hooded Crow is the first one in his collection.  The Robotic Crow is cute enough to shrug aside the fear element normally associated with crows. The next-gen drone bird can be used in various reconnaissance and rescue missions as it is loaded with cameras and sensors, which makes it an advanced drone that is more captivating to look at.Robotic Crow  - A Next Gen Drone with Futuristic X Game of Thrones Vibes-1The design blends nicely in a contrasting black and light gray which gives the Robotic Crow a striking appearance and makes it more friendly. The fabric material is used to offer flexibility to its neck for pointing the camera at things while flying. The wings are also inserted with a fabric that offers soft cushioning which helps to maintain aerodynamic stability. The solid tail section acts as a rudder to enable it to turn sharply in the air. While the claws are realistic, it will be interesting to see how the Robotic Crow manages to land on an uneven surface with equal dexterity.Robotic Crow  - A Next Gen Drone with Futuristic X Game of Thrones Vibes-2

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