Sex with real women better than with sex robots
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Sex with real women better than with sex robots, you got to believe this as none other than Dena, Head of the luxury establishment “Sheri’s Ranch” in the US state of Nevada. Sheri’s Ranch is probably the largest brothel in the world. According to her – “Sex robots cannot compete with real sex workers!”

So at least for now, the real woman at least for now can’t be beaten by robots when it comes to physical contact, namely closeness, and intimacy.

Though researchers are already working on the next generation of sex robots, by 2050 there will be more sex between men and robots than between humans.

Dena in an interview with the Daily Star said – “I think the robots will not be doing the legal sex business in the next few years. Our real ladies have much to offer for that. With them, only an artificial intelligence with real self-confidence could keep up.”

Researchers have been working feverishly in the lab to get human-like machines for a long time. It is still in its early stages through the robots are no longer dolls that are used for sex. Their intelligence and ability to move have been altered to give them a more human-like appearance.

Dena in her interview further says – “If the robots are going to be at the desired level of self-esteem and intelligence one day, we have to worry about things other than prostitutes’ jobs! Or have you never seen the movie ‘Terminator’? It may not be the best idea. “

2050 we’ll witness more sex with robots than humans

According to the futurologist, Dr. Ian Pearson predicts sex robots will become a standard in about 30 years. By 2030 he says most people would have already experienced various forms of virtual sex. From the year 2050 according to his studies, there will be more sex between man and robot compared to human and human. He quoted “Once you get used to it, all your concerns will dissipate.”

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