Sex Robot Harmony
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Sex Robot Harmony will be shipped to hundreds of customers, raises fears of an increase in sexbot addiction. The robot will have a Scottish accent and privates that self-lubricate. The sex robot is an AI-powered love droid developed with years of hard work.

Sex robot Harmony has been around since 2016 and will finally be delivered to the customers. Developed by Realbotix which is a subdivision of RealDoll, located in California involved in the production of inanimate love dolls.

Harmony is human-like with a robotic head that attaches to the silicon body. It is able to talk with you crack jokes and is also able to recollect from previous conversations. Ever since it made news back in 2016 has been flooded with pre-orders for the sexbot.

Harmony is priced around £7,000 for the entire setup with the head attached to lifelike silicone bodies. According to the company, the sexbots will be delivered to the owners who had pre-booked for them earlier.

Sex robot Harmony can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via an AI app that runs on them.

Guile Lindroth, Realbotix’s AI chief told The Sun – “We have started to ship the first pre-order units of our robots to our customers. Our first lot of robot heads has around 350 units.”

The robot head can be paired with Hitech bodies that offer internal heating, self-lubricating genitals, and even touch sensors.

According to Gulie, the heads are still in the development stage, the next lot will be added with new features to the head like cameras in the eyes for face and object recognition. They will also have touch sensors, embedded speakers, and more facial expressions.

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