Snapods TWS Earbuds Combined AirPods And Magsafe
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The combination of Snapods TWS earbuds combined Airpods and Magsafe is made for each other. It’s like designers of AirPods and Magsafe have come together and exploited the potential to create something more useful than just a cardholder or a wireless charger to the back of your iPhone.

Snapods TWS Earbuds come with a flat case that snaps right to the back of your smartphone. The latest MagSafe accessory for iPhones, the Snapods, is able to conveniently carry your earphones. Simply snap them at the back of your phone, easy to store, quick to access, and not easy to lose.

Scendo Design, have designed the case to sit against the back of your phone. It comes with a flat, wedge-shaped profile, this makes it easy to slip your phone into your pocket. The slim design not only docks the earphones but charges them as well, offers an impressive 45 hours of playtime.Snapods TWS Earbuds

The Snapods TWS earbuds combined with AirPods outperform the AirPod almost in every category. They instantly power on as you pop them out of the case and connect via your phone’s Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

The Snapods are powered by the latest 3040 Qualcomm chipset, which delivers a seamless and incredibly responsive audio experience, with zero lag, stuttering, or pauses. The Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise reduction algorithm is capable of cutting up to 30 decibels of ambient noise. While the combination of AAC and aptX compression algorithms offer you high-fidelity audio playback at all times.Snapods TWS earbuds with MagSafe

Apart from these TWS earbuds, the Snapods offers touch-sensitive controls on the buds, allowing you to tap, double-tap, hold and slide to control playback and volume, accept or reject calls, or summon your phone’s Voice AI. The earbuds are IPx5 water and dust resistant, a stage higher than the AirPods Pro rating of IPx4.

Snapods TWS Earbuds Combined AirPods feature a clever magnetic attachment system that elevates it to a different league altogether. It snaps directly onto your iPhone 12 smartphones. You can also convert any other Android or iOS smartphone into a Snapod ready device with the addition of a simple stick-on metallic ring. Are you now thinking of adding the Snapods to your laptop, tablet, and more?

Snapods charge wirelessly and also come with a USB-C port, snap them off your phone and onto your wireless charger to juice them. If your phone supports reverse charging, you can charge them by placing them on the back of your phone too! You can buy one here for $69 original price of $99 (30% off).

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