Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches
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Solution-01 – Urban Solar Watches, designed by Matte Works Design run on green energy from the sun that keeps them running. 

Solution-01 – Urban Solar Watches stand out front he regular smartwatches featuring disposable lithium-ion batteries and planned obsolescence life cycles. 

It is designed keeping the environment in mind for everyday life. Keeping these esthetics in mind feature solar panels that remain discreetly hidden under the watch dial. Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_1The solar panel capture any light source ie sun or artificial interior light. The battery inside is powered thousands of times before its required to replace. Solution-01 Urban Solar watches remain classy and functional for years, unlike a smartwatch that tends to lose popularity once the company features a new smartwatch with additional style and designs. Additionally, it highlights the importance of relying on renewable energy.

Solution-01 Urban Solar watches offer a classic aesthetic that conceals its powerful feature underneath a tinted dial in a way that’s understated and awe-inspiring. The amazing thing about these watches appears to be regular wristwatches though with a solar panel built into them, which makes them so special.Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_2Solution-01 Urban Solar watches are available in two variants ie white and black. It offers a minimalist appeal that seems almost effortless, with a 316L Stainless Steel body. The scratch-resistant sapphire-coated crystal display and a nylon fabric strap make it easy to fasten even with one hand.Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_3The dial comes in either black or white with a matte pattern inspired by the way solar panels are laid out in linear patterns found on roofs or radial patterns in heliostat solar power plants. It offers a simple face with a date window and crown located at the 3 o’clock position.Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_4Solution-01 Urban Solar watches run on a VS42A Japanese Solar Movement, which draws power from a solar panel that sits right under the translucent patterned dial. The solar-powered watches run for a staggering 180 days on a full charge. Its water-resistant build allows it to remain submerged for up to 5 ATM (50 meters).Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_5You can enjoy the additional strap included in the box, also you can opt for a nylon one or even a premium leather strap. Grab your Solution-01 Urban Solar watch for as low as $195, a limited offer for its Super Early Bird backers.Solution-01 - Urban Solar Watches_6

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