Sonos Roam SL Features Powerful Audio And Minimal Aesthetics
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The Sonos Roam SL offers premium audio quality and features powerful audio and minimal aesthetics. Sonos is known to come up with unique products maintaining simplicity and beautiful design. It has stayed true to its name every single time offering the best quality products year after year. The latest offering Sonos Roam SL is much more refined and improved than its predecessors. The Sonos Roam SL is lightweight and boasts a compact form which makes it ideal for outdoors. Can be carried along anywhere while you are camping or trailing. Don’t forget to consider the long-lasting battery which offers over ten hours of continuous audio playback. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery.Sonos Roam SL Features Powerful Audio And Minimal Aesthetics-2 The Roam SL can act as an ideal Bluetooth speaker for every room in your house since it’s easy to control via a compatible app. If you wish to enjoy multi-room listening for more detailed sound, you can always add an additional Sonos speaker around your home. Additionally, you can also add a group of Sonos speakers in a system to listen everywhere in your house. Though you will require a reliable WiFi network for the audio setup to work.Sonos Roam SL Features Powerful Audio And Minimal Aesthetics-3The speakers are accompanied by the Sonos app which enables you to control them. Connect to your favorite streaming service, this includes Sonos Radio. Play your favorite songs on the speaker right from your smartphone or tablet. You can also control while you enjoy listening to the music from wherever you are. Also, you can control the treble, bass, and other audio frequencies from the app.Sonos Roam SL Features Powerful Audio And Minimal Aesthetics-4The Sonos Roam SL also offers wireless connectivity and it’s seamless as it does not break up or skip. It comes with an IP67 rating which means the device is waterproof. It features button controls, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery that can last beyond ten hours and it also offers support for Apple AirPlay 2. The speakers are rugged and can survive a drop from a certain height. The Sonos Roam SL can be submerged one meter underwater for up to 30 minutes. Sonos Roam SL Features Powerful Audio And Minimal Aesthetics-5The Sonos Road SL is priced at $159  and can connect with various voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is shaped like a curved prism, lightweight and compact, therefore, easy to carry. They are available in two color variants – Shadow Black and Lunar White. Don’t be fooled by the size as they can offer depth and clarity, thanks to precision-engineered acoustics.

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