Aibo Robot Dog
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Electronic Gadgets News & Reviews: Sony is all set to reintroduce an all-new version of Aibo robot dog to the US. This was announced by Sony on Thursday. The robot dog will be sporting sophisticated cameras and sensors to map your home, enabling it to move around the house freely and also be able to go to its charging station on its own.

Sony said the latest version of Aibo robot dog will be able to recognize 100 faces and remember interactions with people. The artificial intelligence will enable it to develop a unique personality, where no two Aibo robot companions will be the same.

All this will not come for cheap as it will cost you $2,899. Presales start in September and will be delivered hopefully by the end of this year.

The latest version of Aibo robot dog looks sleek and will be on display at the Sony Square in Manhattan from Friday till Oct 14. This is the only location where it will be put on display.

There is a growing trend of nostalgia tech, which has many renowned companies following the trend. It is an attempt to revive old outdated devices with new life, invite old customers and generate money from these discontinued products.

Earlier Nintendo was successful in doing this with its old intellectual property where it recreated mini versions of its former consoles, such as the NES Classic Edition. Similarly, Nokia also reintroduced its 3310 feature phone and once-popular banana phone. There was not much of the desired outcome from these attempts, though they were successful in creating some buzz around these old products.

Sony has picked up the trend and reintroduced a much sleek version of Aibo robot dog, the earlier version was discontinued in 2014. The latest version certainly looks cute compared to the earlier version which had a boxy finish to it. It was during Sony’s leaner period Aibo met its end, but the future looks bright with Sony cashing in with strong PlayStation sales.

The earlier version of the Aibo robot dog cost $600 to $2000 back in 1999, while the new version of the Aibo robot dog will cost $1760 in Japan. Earlier Sony managed to sale around 150000 Aibo over the period of seven years. Whereas the latest Aibo robot dog is all set to break the record with already over 200000 Aibo’s sold in Japan since January.

Aibo robot dog has undergone many changes over the years. It has become more sophisticated now as it can take pictures with the use of cameras in its eyes, play music and speak 1000 words.Aibo_Robot_Dog

The Aibo comprises of 4000 parts, 22 actuators, and OLED-screen eyes. The AI unit used is similar to the one used in self-driving cars and sensors that allow it to move around. These features allow it to mimic like a real dog and learn new tricks while interacting with its owner.

It can bark, detect words of praise and smiles, and respond to touch when someone puts it on its head, on its back, and under its chin.

Along with all this, the new Aibo robot dog will be able to use your home WiFi or via a wireless connection through AT&T. Sony has collaborated with Amazon Web Services to power the dog’s cloud-based AI functions.

Aibo comes with its own Aibo app, which allows you to label the map the dog creates, give a voice command or gain access to a video feed from the dog’s eye cameras and act as a watchdog.

Under the First Litter Edition offer the new Aibo will be sold for an all-in-one $2899 package price. This will include the autonomous dog, a three-year cloud plan, robot dog toys including a pink ball and “aibone,” and an individually numbered commemorative dog tag.

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