SPhone - A Smartphone with secondary display for a Less Intrusive Usage
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SPhone designed by Sergey Popovich is a smartphone with a secondary display for less intrusive usage without missing important notifications. The phone brings productivity to the forefront while the notifications from your phone stay in the backdrop.

Smartphone designers have been working on this concept for the last decade or so. With the likes of clamshell designs and sliding ones to the current generation foldable and the evolving rollable screens. Phone manufacturers like Xiaomi Mi have taken standard phone designs to new heights with the secondary small display system at the back right panel beside the camera module setup. While the Nubia Z20 phone features a big display on the rear, even Meizu Pro 7 looks all bold with the vertical secondary screen below the camera module to offset the traditional phone market.SPhone - A Smartphone with secondary display for a Less Intrusive Usage_1The SPhone by Sergey Popovich takes inspiration from the current smartphone design to the next level. The design is all about creating space for your favorite widgets, especially with the possibilities of the Android 12 operating system which sets its focus on functionality, and the UI design also going to get a lot prettier. Additionally, the second screen will offer users to make video calls with the primary lens which can prove to be better than the on-screen camera. SPhone - A Smartphone with secondary display for a Less Intrusive Usage_3With a smartphone on your desk, you certainly cannot stay clear of distractions. Also, you simply cannot ignore it as you don’t want to miss out on an important notification or an alert. The SPhone with its secondary screen at the back is helpful as it beams important notifications and keeps you informed. You can either choose to check them right away or view them later. You can also control your media players from the rear screen and a small screen means less battery consumption which means longer battery power without having to go to the main screen to open each and every notification that pops up. SPhone - A Smartphone with secondary display for a Less Intrusive Usage_2

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