Spruce Charger
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Spruce charge will fulfill all your charging needs, it can charge 5 devices at the same time. The charger uses GaN technology, enabling it to charge all your devices at time effectively and rapidly. The Spruce charger is designed by Chen Guo, Weida Tan & Michelle Walsh of Fledging is sleek without looking like a monstrosity.

While working on your desk, there is a sea of wires leading to the ugly elongated box that plugs into a power outlet. It is not a pleasant sight to watch tangled cables, power bricks, and massive adapters/plugs lying on the desk. Spruce charger is just what the doctor ordered for you, it allows you to better manage how you charge your devices. The Spruce Charger can be all your for $89.99

The charger is small in size, which helps you get rid of the massive plugs and power bricks. The charger is powered internally by gallium-nitrate-based components. You can directly plug up to 4 gadgets into it using the USB-C and USB-A ports on the side. The flip-top transforms into a charging dock that allows you to wirelessly charge a phone. It is capable of efficiently managing power delivery to your devices which makes it possible to replace all the multiple clunky chargers for each of your devices.Spruce-Charger_1

The GaN microchips make it power efficient when it comes to power delivery and heat-dissipation compared to traditional SiC (silicon carbide) chips. Don’t let its size deceive you, the GaN chargers can handle high power output efficiently without heating up.

Say goodbye to the mess of wires located at your feet, Spruce neatly organizes it right at your desk. The USB-C port offers 100W of power, allowing you to even charge a laptop with it. The GaN semiconductors make it possible to seamlessly manage and allocate power too. This means even while you’re charging other devices, Spruce always ensures that gadgets like your laptop always get higher power delivery.Spruce-Charger_2

The charger’s USB-A port delivers impressive 30W power, enough to fast charge any device lying around on your desk. While the wireless charger on the top is impressive, you can flip the upper surface to an angle of 70%. This makes it possible to charge the phone when vertically docked. You can charge any smartphone with the 10W chargers in either landscape or portrait orientations. That’s not all you can also charge Airpods when it’s flat.Spruce-Charger_3The Spruce is definitely an upgrade over the archaic power strips and surge protectors. Since it runs on an AC power supply and plugs directly into your wall. All of it is neatly tucked into a small palm-sized box, it elegantly and rapidly charges your devices via USB.

Along with the Spruce charger, you also get an AC power supply cable, a free USB-C cable, and a 1-year warranty on the device. Most importantly offers you freedom from bulky boxes, thick wires, and large plugs.

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