Star Trek - Voyager Fan Built a Replica Tricorder
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A Star Trek – Voyager fan built a replica of tricorder which is better than any Hollywood prop ever made. The device looks convincingly futuristic and you can be more than glad to exchange it for your Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Surface Duo 2 that’s how impressive it is. 

Tom Nardi, in a blog post said, “When Star Trek: Voyager was in the development phase, concept art was created for a new style of tricorder to be used by the crew of the titular starship. But as is often the case with a younger sibling, the show ended up having to largely make do with the hand-me-down props from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which had recently finished its TV run.”

Mangy_Dog has managed to pull out a jaw-dropping recreation of the tricorder design earlier in 2019. The design was left alone and he has now completed the second version that raises the bar for fan replicas. The latest version is far superior in terms of quality and fidelity, something anyone would have loved to have while filming the show.

The techy has posted three videos, where the first one you will see the hardware faces some challenges, related to custom PCBs and problems with sourcing high-quality displays. The second video shows working with the custom user interface and animations created for the prop, which is all generated and rendered on the fly. While the last one goes deeper as it shows the internal hardware including the custom PCB created for the project and the extensive code that powers it.

The Starfleet standard interface includes an LCD display and includes a number of touch-sensitive buttons used to switch modes or activate secret features after a long press. 

All over the device, you will notice a lot of blinking, flashing, and pulsing LEDs which makes it look like the tricorder is actually scanning and interacting with its environment. Though the in reality it’s just a replica tricorder that can only make other Star Trek fans incredibly envious.

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