Stream Deck Pedal  - Hands Free Studio Controller
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Stream Deck Pedal is a hands-free studio controller that helps you as a gamer to keep all the distractions out and focus on your game. As a gamer we got both our hands, eyes, and ears occupied, add some multiplayer communication to it and now your voice is in action. 

In case you are into streaming you need to manage an extra bunch of people hooked up with your channel and manage the chatroom as well. 

Elgato, a subsidiary of Corsair, brings the Stream Deck, a gadget that engages a part of your body as never before imagined. 

The Stream Deck Pedal is a set of USB-connected pedals which go underneath your desk and you can reach your feet easily. The latest gadget features three pedals that allow you to do just about anything you can think of doing within a game, Discord, Twitch, or any associated programs.

You can bind the pedals with three different actions and use program profiles to expand according to whatever things are running in the foreground.

There have been car-style pedals around for years that have been used widely by driving game fans. Many other vendors also offered  USB pedals that can be used with different applications, and foot controls are popular for musicians who have no free hands.

Yet Elgato’s pedals are the first of its kind, for you to buy as it fits in with the company’s dedication to making it easier to manage a one-person live stream setup. Technically speaking you can easily use them in a game, or any other application. Using Elgato’s software you can set up sequences of actions bound to pedal presses, just like a programmable universal remote.

Keep in mind the gadget comes with some high-end components which include a “heavy-duty” chassis with anti-slip texture, removable USB-C cable, and interchangeable springs to let the user customize the necessary activation pressure and is nicely priced at $90. 

The Stream Deck Pedal is also compatible with Windows and macOS. You can buy it online here, though the Elgato store is showing it as out of stock at the time of writing.

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