CyberX electric bike
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The CyberX electric bike is a street-legal cafe racer + dirt bike with customizable side panels for Cyberpunks. It is an ideal combination of performance, styling, and reliability.

You can use it like a superbike, dirt bike, or commute to your local store. It ideally suits Cyberpunks of the future with neon colors that came into fashion with the Tron bikes.

Seldom will you find such an eBike on the road, the fat tires offer a contrast to its slim profile. Everything from the tricked-out LED lights, laser printed graphics, and fully customizable side panels add up to the spark. The two-seater eBike offers a bench-like leather seat rarely seen on performance-oriented bikes.Side Panels for CyberpunksIf you like attention on the streets, the color-changing body and wheels will glow the bike in the dark. Though the LED headlight is sharp it will give you a moped-like feel. The LCD display in the center will show the telemetry and battery life, with a dock on the handlebar to charge the phone. If you love music the eBike can also stream music to the speaker.

CyberX seatsCyberX electric bike offers two modes ie. 72V 32ah lithium-ion battery (charges in six hours) – the 750W Street Mode and the 5000W Race Mode. The 750W eco mode lasts for a distance of 100 miles with pedal assist. It will travel a distance of 75 miles without a pedal-assist in a single charge and top speed of 28mph. The 5000W model can achieve speeds up to 50mph while its range decreases around 50 miles on one full charge.

CyberX tiresYou are always in control over rough terrains with the front and rear suspension and the hydraulic brake system.

Dirt BikeYou can put any pattern or write any name on CyberX’s laser-printed acrylic side panels.

 CyberX electric bikeYou buy this badass eBike for $3699 $4900 (24% off) with only 48 hours remaining.