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On Monday as children and construction workers gathered at Flatiron Plaza in Manhattan to witness the Workhorse product showcase of two of its futuristic vehicles. The products to be showcased consist of an electric pickup truck and SureFly Quadcopter Drone.

The Workhorse is a transportation company dealing in electric trucks for commercial use but has recently gained attention after successfully flying a manned SureFly Quadcopter in May. The Superfly Quadcopter Helicopter comes with eight propellers to provide balance and the design is more like a drone than a traditional helicopter.w15 Workhorse

Both the futuristic vehicles were on display at the event held in Manhattan on Monday. The Workhorse truck is scheduled to launch in 2019 and the SuperFly might reach the market in around two years from now.

The key features of both the products are the style and design, both are lightweight and fuel-efficient. The truck is made from a carbon fiber body and can handle everything a traditional pickup might have to.

At the event, Workhorse CEO Steve Burns said.- “If you can fly a drone, you can fly this. Even if you can’t fly a drone, you can probably still fly this.”

He further said “A helicopter requires both feet, both arms, a lot of 3D thinking,” Burns explained. “Here, the computer’s flying you.”

All of this was reported while Mr. Burn showed around Mashable correspondent the cockpit.SuperFly Quadcopter drone will be easy to use and will be offered at a price of $200000 which is cheaper than most helicopters. With the propeller that can be folded, it can easily fit in your garage, as it is also slightly smaller than a helicopter. The SuperFly would come with a single-seater, two-seaters, and a four-seater model.

The takeoff and landings are taken care of with the help of Artificial Intelligence and a large tablet to guide. A joystick allows the pilot to steer the drone around.

The quadcopter can be useful for paramedics and first responders, agriculture, or the military. But it has been specifically designed to be integrated as a product for personal use.

Burns said – “We really want to go fleet-centric first. But in the end, we’re getting a lot of excitement from people who just want to avoid traffic. So I think in the end that’s the most volume, but we’re going to cut our teeth on fleets.”

You can pre-order the SureFly and the W-15 on Workhorse’s official website now.

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