Talkie Desktop Microphone Concept
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The Talkie desktop microphone concept designed by Chris Granneberg takes on the classic shape of a radio mic with a signature color scheme to up the whimsy, as it offers both a primary color scheme and nostalgic silhouette.

The designer has struck a perfect balance between simplicity and whimsy, characterized by primary color schemes and touchable shapes making this creation difficult to ignore

Chris Granneberg has designed the adjustable desktop microphone called Talkie for Render Weekly’s S6:W6 prompt. It maintains the designer’s playful spirit and integrates an intuitive control interface for optimal usability.Talkie Desktop Microphone Concept-1If you are a content creator who loves to create content like podcasts, photographs, and vlogs the importance of having access to the right devices is crucial. For instance, a microphone can be crucial for you to get started with a podcast that discusses your favorite canned foods or start vlogging your latest travels. If you are looking for a microphone that provides you the same functionality as standard, casual-use microphones, but its unique shape and color scheme set it apart from the rest then Talkie is the microphone you should own. Talkie features a single button and an intuitive control interface that operates the power of the microphone.Talkie Desktop Microphone Concept-2The desktop microphone is in the shape of a cardioid microphone, makes you nostalgic, and immediately defines its purpose. There is a swivel ball joint at the bottom which enables you to tilt Talkie 360-degrees to adjust to the user’s preferred position for the mic.Talkie Desktop Microphone Concept-3All you need to do is connect the desktop microphone to an included USB Type-C cable with a desktop computer and configure the output and input settings. This gets to start to have lots of fun with it. As Granneberg rightly says, “I like to surround myself with color and happy objects that bring me joy to not only use but to look and surround myself with when not in use.”

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