Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters
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Tesla Spacex Hypercar features massive rocket boosters like a Batmobile. The car designed by Maximilian Schneider is dubbed as Tesla SpaceX Model, is a concept that details to the last bit which sets its apart from other digital blueprints of concept hypercars around.Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters_1Five years ago Elon Musk had promised a Tesla Roadster, we all are still waiting for it. The Tesla owner mentioned the car featuring crazy rocket boosters for that extra thump when needed. The street car will go from 0-60mph in just 1.1 seconds giving the racy supercars something to think about.Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters_2Designer Maximilian Schneider has earlier worked with brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and HiPhi.Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters_4 He has showcased his latest aerodynamic Tesla concept on his YouTube channel “Design to the Max”. The amazing concept stays true to his motto of “design to the max”.Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters_3Maximilian Schneider brings Elon Musk’s vision to life, though it is more advanced than the Tesla Roadster. It resembles Batman’s Batmobile, which makes it really cool. It features electric drivetrain and the rocket thrusters will be fueled by the liquid-hydrogen propellant.Tesla’s SpaceX Model will work with independent rocket thrusters to push the car down and provide stability control, much like a rocket’s boosters. There will be two variants of the SpaceX Tesla Model – a standard and a race model. The race model will have a top speed of 526 km/h, while the standard gets 467 km/h.Tesla Spacex Hypercar Features Massive Rocket Boosters_10Hypercars are a stylish prototype and not just some theoretical vehicle. The Tesla-inspired cockpit projected towards the front creates an imperative stance for the car, which will be easily recognizable when it is seen in real life. This cool and modern design should give inspiration to Elon Musk for his future vehicles!

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