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Dash cams are quickly gaining popularity thanks to the jaw-dropping viral videos of stunt drivers and amazing shots of the menacing tornado. A Dash Cam was specifically used by police vehicles, and now is quickly gaining popularity amongst civilian drivers.

Traditionally used as a device to collect evidence, it is quickly being used by drivers to capture their adventures, families to record their scenic spring road trips. Everyone loves to enjoy watching these memorable events from the comfort of their homes on a large tv screen.

What is a Dash Cam?

Broadly speaking Dash Cam are simply recording devices that can be mounted on a vehicle’s windshield. They offer a minimum of 1080p video resolution, you should consider going for a large memory card. This will keep you shooting video via your Dash Cam without having to worry about the storage capacity.

Most Dash Cams are capable of recording videos once you start your car and overwrite the video once the internal memory storage or the memory card is full. They are accompanied by G-Sensor that ensures it saves your video recording before the collision. The 5-inch screen can also display the route in a few models but the image quality from the still camera’s built-in is not so good.

While it can also double up as a GPS navigation device, this helps you to pinpoint the exact location where the video was shot. Also in case of accidents prove vital information about the accident site. For nature and outdoor lovers is a good option to capture the sunsets while on the go. Easy to fit them on the windscreen as they come with a suction cup or an adhesive to stick to the rearview mirror or dashboard.

Things to Consider before Buying a Dash Cam

Parking mode: You are busy shopping in the mall, while your car is parked in the parking lot. The Dash Cam goes in a sleep mode to save energy it draws from the vehicle’s battery. A Dash Cam with a parking mode will wake up goes into sleep mode. This will help you gather evidence, as the Dash Cam goes in sleep mode to save energy consumption. A Dash Cam with parking mode will capture footage whenever some dings or hits your car or tries to break-in, or if you receive a parking ticket.

Voice support: It is convenient to have voice support for the Dash Cam. It allows you to perform a number of tasks simply by voice commands. This makes it safe for you especially while you are behind the wheel. You can also give voice commands to records start or stop an audio recording, save video, etc. There are a number of Dash Cam models available that support a number of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Swedish.

Video Quality: Dash Cam can capture at 1080 HD, though there are many models available that can offer you Ultra HD resolution. It’s always nice to have Dash Cams with a sharp and clear resolution, depending on your budget you can make your choices. We would suggest you go for the best video quality your budget can permit you. As you will get just one chance to capture the best shot. You can choose from a Dash Cam that offers 4K resolution or a Full HD, or also consider the frames per second it captures for a smooth motion while watching the videos.

Dual-lens cameras: Some of the Dash Cams offer dual camera lenses i.e. a front-facing camera and a rear window-facing one. Some models also come with a camera that swivels around. A Dash Cam with dual-lens will help you not only capture the event at the front but also capture the rear window footage. This can provide conclusive evidence in events involving rash driving, altercation, or illegal activity with passengers. It can also capture conversations when you are pulled over by the authorities.

App support: App connectivity has become a must-have for all Dash Cams, many connect with your smartphone via Wifi or Bluetooth. You can control the dash cams with the app installed on your smartphone. The smartphones allow you to watch the videos instantly on your smartphone screen or tablet. Easy to access, share with your friends, though it may not be the same for some of the models offering Bluetooth connectivity.

Dash Cams you can consider buying

Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam

The Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam offers image stabilization, and stunning 4K image quality. It is the most in-demand Dash Cam in the world today. It offers high image quality, records at 30fps. This enables you to capture license plates and finer detail with stunning clarity.

Garmin Dash Cam 46

Garmin Dash Cam 46 is a compact Dash Cam with a wide 140-degree field of view that captures enhanced 1080P HD footage. It automatically records and saves videos of incidents. The auto-sync feature enables you to control and playback footage via the Garmin Drive app. It requires an 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster.

Cobra SC 200D Dual-View Smart Dash Cam

Cobra SC 200D Dual-View Smart Dash Cam is an ideal smart dash camera for drivers who need the flexibility to record and monitor multiple camera views. It offers dual lenses that include the SC 200 main camera and the rear-view accessory camera.

Kenwood DRV-A601W 4K Dash Cam

Kenwood DRV-A601W 4K Dash Cam offers high definition recording & wireless links. This makes it easy to move data easily to your smartphone. It also offers features like G-sensor & Built-in GPS. The G sensor is designed to detect a collision, and GPS records speed, latitude, and longitude. equipped with a G-Sensor designed to detect a collision and GPS that records speed, latitude, and longitude.

Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dash CamThinkware-U1000-4K-UHD-Dash-Cam

Slightly on the higher side when it comes to pricing, Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dash Cam is the latest Dash Cam available in the markets. Offers features such as the Energy Saving 2.0 Parking Mode and an optional Radar Module and iVolt Mini External Battery. The Dash Cam is loaded with tons of features, but we still, find it a touch expensive.