Holographic Tabletop Gaming
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We all love playing board games and with the addition of augmented reality, we can add spice to it. Tilt five turns the board gaming head over heels with augmented reality and its holographic tabletop gaming.

When you put on the Tilt Five glasses and view the board game it opens up a new vibrant 3D world for you. Suddenly a gorge drops on your table and the characters and monsters in the game come alive from the game board. It is an experience you have never experienced before.

According to Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder & CEO – “When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn’t on the technology for technology’s sake. We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games. And we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you’re apart.”

Tilt Five Offers Amazing Tabletop Gaming experiences

Tilt five comes with an AR system that offers amazing tabletop gaming experiences. The glasses are lightweight and comfortable allowing you to play all day long. The glasses are large and wide which makes them convenient while you are talking with your friends or having a pizza or drinks without them blocking your vision. It is patented with 110° field of view optical system that fills the entire game board and everything is in focus irrespective of you leaning back in your chair or pressing your chin on the board to have a look at the details on that dragon.Holographic Tabletop Gaming

Currently, Tilt Five pre-production system has been made available to thousands of people. The product looks like a winner especially after getting an overwhelmingly positive response from many users.

How to play with Tilt Five LE or XE System

With the Tilt Five LE or XE System, you get everything you need to start playing amazing games, it is easy to set up the game. The gaming system comes with glasses, a wand controller, the game board, USB cable a variety pack of nose pieces and introductory games.

You will need to wear the Tilt Five glasses which fit well over your prescription glasses. Pick the nose piece that works well for you. To start the game flip open the board, plug into a phone, tablet or PC and turn on the glasses and start playing.

The XE Game board offers you more gaming space which can be used as a square board or add the additional section to convert it into a 42-inch longboard. The board is water and fingerprint resistant which makes it easy to clean.

How many people can play?

You can play Tilt Five either with your friends or solo. In case your friends don’t have a Tilt Five system yet they can still play by connecting their phone, tablet or PC. You can also link the board with your friends over the internet even when they are not in the same room. Play Tilt Five virtually and never miss a game night again.

Like most of modern video games Tilt Five offers you the option to save your games when your quests run too long, digital training and rules assistance. You can also stream your game on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

Everyone in the game gets their own private view into the holographic game space. The wand can be used to interact with the holographic game space. You can poke, shove, shoot, burn, drag, slide, twirl, and crush using the wand.

The games ships a set of free introductory single and multiplayer games, so you can start playing right away. The games come with interactions that will help you get familiarised with the system easily and quickly. All the games shipped will work on your Windows and Android devices.

Some of the Tilt Five Free Games

  • Offroad Elimination
  • Tumbly Towers
  • Zyborg Intruders
  • The Drop
  • Bombz Away!
  • Marbles

Price of Title Five System

  • Title Five LE System – $299
  • Title Five XE System – $359

You can buy the Tilt Five system on Kickstarter.