Tiny GaN Chargers Will Bring Down Phone Charging Times To 20 Minutes
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According to the CEO of Anker, a third-party charger and accessory company, Tiny GaN chargers will bring down phone charging times to 20 minutes for a full charge from empty to full. 

The Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers are already adopted by Apple. Steve Yang is pleased with Apple’s decision to exclude chargers from iPhone boxes as it benefits companies like theirs. 

While talking to The Verge he said, “Yes — [we sell] a lot more, because this is a new category. Previously, a lot of users didn’t buy a charger by itself. Per our survey, about 50 percent of those users still just go back to using their old chargers, because they have saved some over the years. But more and more people are starting to shop for individual chargers.”

Though he agreed with Apple’s claims on excluding the chargers with the iPhone due to environmental concerns rather than cost-saving, with only half of iPhone buyers opting to buy a new charger. 

According to him, people are seeking higher-wattage chargers and phone fast-charging capabilities and this trend would continue, thanks to GaN technology.

He further said, “We sold a lot of GaN chargers already in the past few years, and we launched the second generation — we call them GaN2 — earlier this year. GaN2 chargers can now do 65 watts in a very small cubic space as well. We’re actually about to launch GaN3 next year, which will bring the charger size even smaller and increase the power rating as well. As you probably can see, devices are becoming more power-hungry and charging at a higher speed. Ten years ago, chargers were 5-watt. Then it was 10, and Apple has put it up to 20. The other Android brands brought it up to 40-60 watts. I think talking about wattage is not a customer-friendly approach. Instead, we talk about charging time.”

The charging time has come down from three hours to around 1 hour and 20 minutes with 20-watt chargers. This is further reduced to about 30-40 minutes with the 40-60 watt chargers. While some adventurous brands are doing 120-watt, which would get the phone fully charged in less than 20 minutes.

When he was asked about Apple’s MFi program, for certification of third-party chargers and cables, Yang said, “We certainly see where that is coming from and why Apple needs that. If you look at the market, there are just a whole lot of non-MFI cables out there that are just really harmful to your device. The non-MFI cables that you can get — five Lightning cables for $5 or even less — those cables actually do fry your phones, so I can see, with that sort of authentication chip in the MFI module, that at least the customers could be informed if what they’re buying is an authentic Apple cable or not.”

He further said there could potentially be other ways to solve the same problem. Perhaps by enforcing a universal standard of how you should make a cable. When there will be a universal standard no longer will there be a need for such a proprietary standard. 

He said, The industry also needs to put in a lot of effort involved in building a universal standard and enforcing it too. So far I think we’re looking forward to that, but we’re really not seeing that much work happening.

You can buy Anker’s GaN II chargers on Amazon.

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