Twelve South’s PowerPic mod - Wireless Charging Photo Frame 
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Twelve South’s PowerPic mod, a wireless charging photo frame neatly designed to use it either as a tabletop or bedside decor or as a gadget that charges your smartphone. The wireless charging photo frame designed by Twelve South is powered by a Qi-compatible 10W wireless charging module and is priced at around $59.99.Twelve South’s PowerPic mod - Wireless Charging Photo Frame -2The photo frame charger concept is not a new one, while the original PowerPic was just that, though it had a much thicker frame. The latest PowerPic mod on offer by Twelve South features a clean bezel-less look and a minimalist design that allows you to mount photos and charge your phone.

Twelve South’s PowerPic mod -  Wireless Charging Photo Frame -1The lucite frame comes with a 10W charger embedded within it that’s compatible with a wide variety of wireless-enabled smartphones. It also works well with your  MagSafe iPhone and even the wirelessly charging AirPods Pro. Twelve South’s PowerPic mod - Wireless Charging Photo Frame -3The frame enables you to fit any 4×6 photo within it and cover it with a lucite panel secured in place by magnets. Additionally, the PowerPic mod can also have its place in many cafes and restaurants as they can add QR codes to it for customers to scan to access menus and payment methods.Twelve South’s PowerPic mod - Wireless Charging Photo Frame-4Twelve South’s PowerPic mod - Wireless Charging Photo Frame-4The PowerPic features a USB-C port at the rear that allows you to plug in any standard 20W USB-C charger. Thus enabling the elegant-looking photo frame to wirelessly charge your smartphones and AirPods Pro.

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