Ultra Guard Capsule - Tiny Portable UV Flashlights
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Ultra Guard Capsule – Tiny Portable UV Flashlights allows you to instantly disinfect objects and surfaces in 10 seconds. The ultraviolet light works more effectively than a sanitizer spray and kills 99.9% of germs. Light travels faster and reaches every nook and corner of the surface, cleans it all in 10 seconds without running out.

Designed by Eddie Lou & Susie Wen, the Ultra Guard Capsule is a new age EDC design created to help you live in a germ-free environment without compromise. The tiny portable UV flashlights are progressive with a built-in UVC lamp. You can keep your belongings and surroundings clean with a simple wave of your hand.

The Ultra Guard Capsule comes with a LED lamp and a stylus, you can simply shine the light on your toothbrush, AirPods, etc to instantly clean them. While you can use the stylus to poke, prod, tap and swipe on buttons and digital interfaces in a hands-free manner.

This dual approach allows you to use it on various surfaces and bundled in a portable, simple, and affordable design that lasts for years.

The contactless sanitizing lamp is CE and SGS certified, it allows you to disinfect surfaces that require physical interaction like doorknobs and handles, your laptop keyboard, etc.

Clean anything and everything in just 10 seconds, the specially calibrated 260-280nm UVC lamp neutralize 99.9% of microorganisms on any surface. No need to spray chemicals or wipe them down with Kleenex. Ultra-Guard CAPSULE’s lamp works pretty much like the sun does, on a much smaller scale. While the durable stylus offers a simple and speedy tapping interaction. After you complete the cleaning, the stylus docks within the lamp’s housing, allowing itself to be self-sanitized too.

The Ultra-Guard CAPSULE fits nicely in your pocket, handbag, or backpack making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Ultra-Guard CAPSULE offers you an effective and portable way of cleaning objects and surfaces. You can buy now for $29, the original price $56 (48% off).

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