Unique Walkie-talkie Design
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Walkie Talkie has never been so easy to carry around since they started being used in the Second World War. This unique walkie design is different from the brick phone-like device we have known for years.

Traditionally walkie talkies have been clunky with a microphone at one end and a speaker at the other, additionally, they also have an antenna. There have been some improvements with certain function buttons and LCD, though the way we carry them still needs some attention. They are either tied to a sling, a shoulder strap, or wrapped around the wrist.

The unique walkie-talkie designed by Franco Calegari comes with the bottom half of the device cut out into a hollow ring. This can be used to attach a carabiner or in a range of other ways.Unique Walkie-talkie Design_1Walkie talking is basically a portable communication device meant to be carried around all the time in different places. It helps in communicating with each other in places where phone signals are unreliable.Unique Walkie-talkie Design_2Mainly used by security services, transportation industry, construction sites, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities amid a few other sectors. Since they are easy to use, we have also started to use them beyond the commercial segments, the small versions are popular with kids.Unique Walkie-talkie Design_3The unique walkie-talkie is a conceptual design, it allows you to hang through a keychain or carabiner and open up more use case scenarios for you.Unique Walkie-talkie Design_4The design offers a refreshing look, it looks a lot peppy after shedding the brick-like classic look. We are not sure about the range and how many channels this particular design supports. It does have a large push-to-talk button on the side and an LCD on the façadeUnique Walkie-talkie Design_5Related Articles:

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