public usb charging station
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It is not safe to connect your devices to any public wireless or wired Internet or USB power charging stations. You can now use USB Condoms to keep yourself secure when you connect your device to any public USB charging station.

Why Use USB Condom?

As we already mentioned it is not safe to connect your device to any public wireless or wired network or USB power charging station. Though you can use a VPN to keep your self secure, after connecting to a public or untrusted network.

Keeping yourself secure while using a public network is so simple yet ignored by many.

Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s Office published a travel advisory in 2019, making travellers aware of the potential dangers of public USB ports. These can be used to launch an attack called Juice jacking.

Such type of attack allows hackers to steal data or infect devices unsuspecting users plug into specifically prepared USB power stations. The travellers were also advised to use portable chargers or charge devices in cars instead of using public USB chargers.

What is a USB Condom?

A USB Condom can come in handy in such a situation, it is a device that is attached to the charging cable so that it sits between the device’s charging cable and the public USB charging station.

Original USB condom can prevent accidental data exchange while your device is plugged into a foreign computer or public charging station with a USB Cable.
The USB Condom blocks the data pins in the USB cable and allows only the power to flow through.

The Original USB Condom can cost you around $7.79 on Amazon. If you are a traveller or know someone who travels a lot, this is a must-have gadget as it allows you to connect devices to public USB chargers without worrying about data security.