XBOX Series A - Handheld Console Concept Transforms Microsoft Windows Phone Into Portable Xbox Gaming Device
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This handheld console concept transforms the Microsoft Windows phone into a portable Xbox gaming device. XBOX Series A is a concept designed by Anestétique Projets that promises to be the Google Pixel of handheld gaming devices. 

Similar to Pixel which showcased the Android experience in its true glory, the XBOX Series A will unleash the true power of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. XBOX Series A - Handheld Console Concept-1The XBOX Series A puts the power of Xbox in your pocket and outshines most of the handheld devices out there like Razer Phone 2, ASUS ROG, and Lenovo Legion.

Let’s be clear XBOX Series A is not a device spiced up with specs as a gaming device, Instead, it is a device meant to be a console and a phone later. The gaming console comes with the maker’s signature B/W colorway and minimal design, and just through its handheld format. Gaming consoles have solely been the segment Sony dwells in while for Microsoft it can be entirely new as it has never ventured into the segment in 20 years of its existence. XBOX Series A is a sleek device with smartphone capabilities and comes with physical controls that appear through the screen. These act as physical keys that sit right where you’d expect the virtual controls to be while playing a triple-A title game on your handheld touch-sensitive device.XBOX Series A - Handheld Console Concept-3Earlier Microsoft did try its hand with Windows Mobile devices after acquiring the Nokia brand, before shutting it down. Microsoft has again shown signs of revival with handheld computing device lines in the form of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. XBOX Series A - Handheld Console Concept-4The Windows OS has been scaled down and is already working on two devices. The next obvious move would be to have a portable Xbox gadget running Windows with the Xbox Game Pass, something Microsoft surely try to pull off. XBOX Series A - Handheld Console Concept-7

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