YoloBox Pro - One Stop Solution for Your Live Video Productions
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YoloBox Pro will be a one stop solution for your live video productions. During the pandemic, even those without live streaming software started broadcasting to test its legitimacy. Those with more advanced needs were able to find accessible options such as equipment or software. YoloLiv is one of the companies in this arena that offers both hardware and software tools for live streaming.

The company launched a series of updates recently, and sent us their YoloBox Pro device to review it.

YoloLiv boxes stand out as they are stand alone devices that can stream events with an unlimited number of cameras, without the need for a desktop or laptop.YoloBox Pro - One Stop Solution for Your Live Video Productions_3The YoloBox is similar to an Android tablet and serves as a high-quality camera for recording video. It also has an HDMI port to plug in your camera, pre-recorded video, external microphones, and support for LTE.

Qualcomm’s 660 chip and media encoders are key to this system. With the ability to generate up to 60 frames per second, the system is powerful enough to produce high quality replicas with ease.

The YoloBox Pro has great potential for two reasons: One, it supports a full webcam and two, it has a more powerful processor. Its Pro version features an 8-inch screen, three HDMI inputs for bringing in camera feeds, a USB port for connecting a webcam and an SD card reader for bringing in pre-recorded video and saving your recording.YoloBox Pro - One Stop Solution for Your Live Video Productions_2The company has also announced the release of a new video-focused device, the Instream, targeted at people who use Instagram and TikTok.

Setting up a livestream that is high quality, easy to use and doesn’t require an expert degree in tech can be a daunting task. But YoloBox may have the solution for you. With platforms such as Twitch, Facebook or YouTube registered, setting up your livestream is easy and hassle-free. And with some customization options available, you’ll have a higher quality, more varied show.

One thing that impressed me during testing is that with every release, the company launched useful new features for the software. Most recently, it is now possible to invite people to an interview or podcast recording.YoloBox Pro - One Stop Solution for Your Live Video Productions_1A slight delay in copying is enough to make conversations hard and in sync with audio if you don’t resort to the webcam.

You can use the touch screen to create various lower thirds, countdown timers and more features.

YoloLiv Version 2.0 of the software package for the Pro has been released with a couple of new features. One of them is the ability to copy, reorder and prioritize overlays. For those who use it for streaming sports (or e-sports), there is now support for instant replays.

It takes a lot of energy to power the YoloBox Pro, so it has a 10,000 mAh battery. I got close to 3 hours in my test, but was playing with different features simultaneously. You should only use an external webcam for rare occasions, and for these new features, you may need to push the YoloLiv box to its limit.

I’ve been really impressed by how the company continues to listen to customer feedback in order to improve their product.

There is a space for a device like the YoloBox Pro. It costs $1,300 and is best for a corporation who needs to create content as a side hustle or needs content without having to worry about livestreaming it. Professionals are going to always prefer hardware controls on other devices, but the YoloBox Pro will only have room for improvement in time.

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