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For many years, free-to-play games like Dota 2 and RuneScape have enjoyed enormous success on the PC. Presently there have been a number of console developers of all sizes entering the fray, making it a competitive segment and difficult to keep track of how well this business model works on Sony’s console. We bring you a  list of 10 best free games on the PS4

We have recently been monitoring the free-to-play release on the PS4 and it’s not been so smooth ride for them. Many of the games featuring on the PlayStation Store have been a bit boring not worth even mentioning, yet there are a few enjoyable games out there. With so many choices on offer, you can try out everything and anything that you fancy.

10 Best Free Games on the PS4

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 LitePro Evolution Soccer 2018 Lite

If you are true soccer lover and thrive on competition, the free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is just what the doctor ordered. You can experience the thrilling moments of operating a football club. The game allows you to play online the myClub and PES LEAGUE modes. You can also kick around with the exhibition matches and improve your skills with the training mode. Though it lacks full functionality it will give you the thrill of what modern PES looks like. If you wish to move on to the full version you can upgrade as well.

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Fortnite Battle RoyaleFortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games after having enjoyed tremendous financial success with PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, has decided to make hay while the sun shines with the new game Fortnite The full version of Fortnite is available on advance payment. But you can join the action and play the 100-person battle royale mode for $0.00. Still, the PS4 version of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is yet to materialize you can go ahead and try on your PC if you don’t have a gaming PC or an Xbox One.

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If you are not into paying money for an online-only experience then Paladins from Hi-Rez is an option for you. It is a colorful team-based shooter game that leans heavily on the individuality of the characters in it. You can choose a favorite character, customize it according to how you want to play, and battle it out with millions of players online.

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Orcs Must Die UnchainedOrcs Must Die Unchained

Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die series is offering its third installment where it is offering a fast-paced and refined experience in this free to play version. Here you can team up with your friends online and fight against wave after wave of orcs. The game offers various modes and a loot system. The game also allows you to spend real money on in-game currency or a bundle of new characters. The game is worth every dollar you spend when you watch the orc-slaying along with your friends.

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Let It Dielet-it-die

Makers of (Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer Is Dead) Grasshopper Manufacture present this highly intense hack-and-slash game which derives mechanical inspiration from games like Rogue and Dark Souls and the infamous Suda51. Here you die over and over again while you try tp battle your way to the top of the game’s creepy tower. The game becomes more exciting as your recently deceased character instead of being resurrected to fight again, it turns into a “Hater,”.this in return will the next character you bring through the tower. This will sure give you enough reason to stay alive as long as possible!

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Gears of War and Unreal Tournament are some popular games bought to us by Epic Games. This time they are trying a hand with making a MOBA of their own. The game features a third person camera and controller-friendly combat of a game like Smite. It gives you a more realistic aesthetic and a business model closer to Dota 2. All of the heroes are free, but you can buy in-game currency, card packs, boosters, and master challenges.

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World of TanksWorld-Of-Tanks

Call of Duty has been a real success with its futuristic war themes is followed by others drawing inspiration from them, Other game which is a name to reckon Gears of War. Wargaming, on the other hand, is offering this 15-versus-15 tank warfare game experience that rewards tactical thinking and teamwork over pure reflexes. The game allows you to select a wide range of mid-1900 tanks. People who have a love for real-world war machine will surely love this experience.

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AirMech ArenaAir-Mech

AirMech Arena is a frantic implementation of the real-time strategy formula, though it will never match up with the insane amounts of polish and multiplayer balance that Blizzard achieved on the PC with the StarCraft franchise. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable and accessible take on the RTS format nonetheless.  You don’t need to pay money to play the free version but it would not harm if you get involved in the game and spend a few dollars trying out some new gear, which is pretty reasonable.

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Planetside 2Planetside-2

Planetside 2 has been popular since its launch back in 2012, it has been described as a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game. Good news for the gamers is they can enjoy the game on their console now. The allows thousands of players to meet in the same world, split into three factions and fight to control most of the territory. The gameplay and goals of Planetside 2 are about as straightforward. You can spend money around $5 to $85 on game currency and item packs, but the team that does well by break of daylight gets to keep the game balanced between the free and paying members. So if you wish to just have fun and spend time then you need not pay.

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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core FightersCore-Fighters

The Last Round seems to be more like an updated version of Team Ninjas fighting game back in 2012. The paid version comes for 40$ is worth paying for the game’s meaningful content. Core Fighters free version is actually pretty decent as long as you don’t end up paying money for costumes is ridiculous, the $14 for the story mode is decently priced.

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