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Have you always wanted to be a hacker,  your dreams have come true. We bring you the 5 Best Android Hacking Simulator Games which will make you feel like a real-life hacker. You can easily download the games for free on Google Play Store and enjoy the thrills of being a hacker.

5 Best Android Hacking Simulator Games

Hacking SimulatorHacking-Simulator

Hacking Simulator

It is one of the best Android hacking simulator games available on Google Play Store. It makes you feel like a real hacker, it enables you to hack into cameras in houses, traffic lights, lights and electronic locks.

The app gives you the ability to enjoy the cool hacker identity you always dreamt of. The app is for fun, where you can end up hacking cameras and cause a few blackouts at a party, but don’t expect anything beyond that.

The game is ideal for adults and children alike and can be used at a party, home, school, or a local store. Beware hackers on the prowl!!!

Hacker Simulator: TycoonHacker-SimulatorHacker Simulator: TycoonIf you are a geek and love a bit of everything whether it is hacking, creating games, programming, or life simulation, the Hacker Simulator: Tycoon comes with a combination of all this. A mix of simulations for all types of hackers from a black hat, white hat, or just gamers.

The hacker simulator app comes with tasks such as the installation of spyware, protecting the site from DDoS attacks, and protecting international banking systems from hackers.

It also comes with simulations to build mobile game applications of different genres and directions. Hacker Simulator: Tycoon comes with features where you choose the graphics, game sizes, icons for them, and much more.

You can upgrade your character by getting to new levels and skills and offers several chapters with different endings. The simulator game allows you to start a full-scale family game to grow live and interact. It allows you to build a game website and end up being a huge IT-corporation.

Hacker 0.2 – Free Hacker SimulatorHacker 0.2 - Free Hacker SimulatorHacker 0.2 - Free Hacker Simulator

If you are in love with the idea of hacking celebrities, Hacker 0.2 is the best free hacker simulator game for you. The Hacker 0.2game simulator allows you to hack your favorite celebrity’s profile and search through them.

It gives you the simulated experience of hacking someone’s profile, gathering data from the web, and then showing the result of all the data about them. Now you can show off your skills as a hacker by being able to hack your favorite celebrities’ details.

The game keeps getting updated regularly and the latest update comes with new features ie Lie Detector and Hacking Typer.

We would like to mention though the app is built with the intention to prank friends. Hacker 0.2 is a fun start if you choose to build a career in the hacking and security industry.

Hack Ex – SimulatorHack Ex - SimulatorHack Ex - Simulator

Hack Ex-Simulator enables you to virtually hack other player’s devices and protect yours. This will build your ranks in the virtual hacking world. The game gives you the powers to break into player’s virtual bank accounts, upload viruses to generate money, manipulate their logs, and more. You will be able to inject viruses on other player’s devices to earn money and spy on their activities. As a good hacker, you will need to clear your digital footprints.

The simulator is just a game with no real hacking involved, you don’t need any hacking knowledge.

Computer Hacker Simulator

Computer Hacker Simulator is a very basic hacking simulator to prank your friends and look like a real computer hacker. It is harmless as it does not hack anything but merely looks like you are hacking a real computer.

Computer Hacker Simulator allows you to select a target to hack when you open the app. Once you select the target it will automatically start the process of hacking and makes it look like you are hacking a computer. As you will be the one to provide a randomly generated IP address and password. It all looks real but this is a PRANK app and does not “hack” anything.