7-Eleven Staff Stunned after FaZe Kalei calls for CoD Vanguard 2XP Doritos Bags
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7-Eleven staff stunned after FaZe Kalei calls for CoD Vanguard 2XP Doritos bags. Call of Duty has been having issues, especially with bugs, though Doritos is backing hardcore gamers by offering them codes for double XP points on select bags.

Obviously not every Doritos bag comes with these codes, though you can enjoy the delicious chips that can satisfy the gamer’s hunger to level up quicker who have no codes for them.

FaZe Kalei also embarked on the quest to contact 7-Elevens in the area to see if they had specially marked bags of Doritos in stock before ordering off Doordash. 

Her journey calling 7 Eleven on stream for CoD Doritos bags has been a hilarious one. It all started during her November 10 Twitch stream, when she called stores hoping to find if their Doritos had CoD 2XP codes on them.

She asked the store staff while trying not to laugh at the silliness of her inquiry, “Do your Dorito bags have Call of Duty double XP?” 

The confused employee replied, “Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

After this breaking into laughter, she said, “Okay, well, thank you.” 

FaZe in a tweet said she was desperate as she had used up all of her Warzone double XP tokens and she was literally tempted to buy some off eBay.

Apparently, she even had plans to go into the store, take pictures of the bags and then leave, though it looks like she scrapped this idea. 

It is not clear if she managed to lay her hands on those tokens, but yeah she was willing to call stores on stream is a great indicator of the lengths she’s willing to go.

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