Amazon Game Studios New Computer Game - New World
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Amazon has a new hit on its hands with Amazon Game Studios releasing a new computer game called New World on Tuesday.

The latest offering from Amazon has captivated the PC gaming world this week. The New World online game offers thousands of players to explore and build a virtual colony, it’s like a magic-influenced world of colonial America.

The game has already captured the interest of thousands of players, this can be seen from the thousands of concurrent players on Steam, a popular gaming platform. There were more than 700,000 concurrent players, to record itself as the biggest Steam launch ever.

The players continue to flood the platform with more than 450000 concurrent players on Thursday morning. Reports also suggest around 10000 players queued just waiting to play the game.

If New World continues to capture the same response over a period of time, it will certainly prove to be a strong challenge for popular online games such as “Fortnite,” “PUBG” and “World of Warcraft.”

Though the game would certainly not be able to generate the same amount of revenue as Amazon’s e-commerce or cloud services. Certainly, the game will prove to boost the company’s other entertainment arm, Amazon Studios being the driving force to keep people subscribed to Amazon Prime.

You can buy New World for $49.99 on Amazon. Amazon also owns Twitch, a game-centric streaming video service. With New World making an appearance on the platform will drive more interest and potential sales are going to grow for Amazon.

Amazon has certainly thought out of the box, with the release of New World, especially when search giant Google earlier shut shop of its game development studio earlier last year.

Amazon earlier also tried its hand with a game called “Crucible”, though the success of “New World” is different as the earlier game was pulled offline just months after its launch. It did not go well with the games and proved to be an embarrassment for Amazon Game Studios after spending several years developing it. Amazon is back with a bang with its latest gaming title New World.

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