Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Naruto Will Soon Appear on Fortnite
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Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Naruto will soon appear on Fortnite. Epic Games has always hosted many celebrities in the past from sports celebrities, superheroes, etc the list goes on.

According to Fortniteleaks, we may witness Fortnite’s next big concert featuring Ariana Grande. Initially, the court documents revealed during the court case between Epic and Apple, Grande would appear on Fortnite in October along with Lady Gaga to appear on the Party Royale stage in December.

Recent developments suggest Epic has completed an in-house test show. These shows will run in line with previous concerts featuring Travis Scott and Marshmello. These are immensely popular amongst gamers.

Further leaks suggest there will be an addition of a Stranger Things crossover called “The Sideways”. Looks like we will get to see horrible monsters spilling around into the game world just like the show.

Justice League and Suicide Squad characters are in the wings waiting to appear on Fortnite soon along with it Naruto is also rearing to appear in Season 8 alongside an explosive kunai weapon.

Considering the valuable inputs we received for Fortnite Primal season, it looks like Fortniteleaks are a reliable source to trust upon. The leakster has been sharing some good information, a number of others too are busy sharing info ranging from map changes, the return of rideable mechs, and a complete map change for Chapter 3.

With the information related to the Grande concert and the Naruto tease appearing in court documents earlier, it seems to confirm the unofficial leak being accurate too.

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