Artemis - PUBG creator Brendan Greene is working on a Blockchain Metaverse Game
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PUBG creator Brendan Greene is working on a blockchain metaverse game called Artemis

Nathan Brown’s Hit Points revealed, Artemis will be a metaverse game featuring NFTs. 

According to him, “I am just going to do what I’m going to do. It doesn’t matter if we call it the metaverse or whatever – it’s not about a name, it’s about what [Artemis] does for people and how they use it. Who cares if it’s called Artemis? Who cares if people want to call it the metaverse?”

Gamers can create their own worlds, the necessity for ownership is must. Players can also monetise their creations.

Brendan said, “We’re building a digital place. That has to have an economy, and it has to have systems at work. And I do believe you should be able to extract value from a digital place; it has to be like the internet, where you can do stuff that will earn you money. But it’s not about, like, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. It’s some kid called AwesomePickle selling cool skins because he understands what people want.”

The technology behind the game will be open source. What’s best about the platform? It’s for everyone, and we want to keep it like that. It should be a platform that is open to everyone, something that anyone can plug into, and everyone can host a bit of themselves.

He further added. “I’m quite zealous about this. It has to be made a certain way. The only way this exists is if it’s made for everyone, and it’s not made for money.”

What is Artemis?

Brendan left the PUBG development team in 2019 to set up a new development studio called PlayerUnknown Productions, and Artemis is their first major project.

The goal of  Artemis is to be the world’s biggest virtual world where hundreds of thousands of players can make and play anything they want.

AI will be used at the forefront to populate its world.  For example, programmers can use an ML Agent to program animal behaviour or NPC AI.

Brendan shares the idea that the people living in Artemis will decide the personality of the city.

In other news related to PUBG, the developer Krafton has a new game in the works called The Bird That Drinks Tears. It is based on a popular Korean novel that has yet to be released.

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