Axie Infinity Player Buys Two Houses
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Axie Infinity Player buys two houses with his earnings from the popular crypto-powered play-to-earn game. John Aaron Ramos, 22-year-old, from the Philippines, who plays under the pseudonym ‘Magnus TV’, announced his achievement from the profits earned playing Axie Infinity on social media.

Ramos in a post said he was able to make the purchases as the price of Axie’s in-game token Smooth Love Potion (SLP) was rising. It rallied from 940% from $0.035 on April 24 to more than $0.364 on May 2. Since then SLP has retraced 45% and last valued at around $0.20.

Players can earn SLP while playing on Axie Infinity by going to the PVP battle area. Here player battle their Axies ie. Pokemon-inspired creatures that bred in the game and represented as nonfungible tokens.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency game, where players can collect, breed, trade, and battle creatures that look identical to those in Pokemon games. It is sort of a digital pet universe on the blockchain. The players are also able to buy land, harvest resources and use it in the game, and generate revenue. Axies, land, and in-game assets are all available through Axie’s designated built-in marketplace.Axies

Currently, SLP is ranked 428th largest crypto asset, with $81 million capitalizations. It drives more than $45 million worth of trade in the past 24 hours.

Axie players can not only earn SLP, but they also have the opportunity to earn the governance tokens called AXS. The AXS token is also gaining value by 5,114% from $0.14 to $7.30 in the six months since the token began trading.

The games “Sponsor-A-Scholar” program, encouAxiesrages sponsors to donate SLP to Axie players based in countries. Here the setup costs associated with playing Axie infinity may prove too prohibitive to many prospective users. Ramos participated in Yield Guild Games.

Axie Infinity has been popular in the Philippines since the end of 2020, especially during the pandemic when people sought alternatives to make money after losing their jobs.

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