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Microsoft accidentally leaked the Xbox Series X|S enhancement for Batman: Arkham Knight. A blog post published by Xbox mentioned the detailed changes to language support options on the Microsoft Store as well as Xbox Game Pass.

The post features an image of Batman: Arkham Knight alongside several other games. It also features the icon which indicates the enhancements made for Xbox Series X|S next to the Game Pass logo. Though there is no official announcement or news of any such enhancement currently available on Xbox.

Taking a look at Xbox Game Pass, there are no changes made to the Series X|S logo as far as Arkham Knight is concerned. The icon features in a number of other games including Desperados III. It is not included in Arkham Knight, though it may be possible Microsoft may have accidentally leaked it.

It may have been an act to attract eagle-eyed viewers. The fact that mock-up images were used instead of the official ones, goes on to confirm it must be a mistake. We would like to say though the image in question is still on the site.

Xbox also released information about its upcoming console yesterday. The new developments will allow players to enhance their playing skills. They get an option to toggle Auto HDR and FPS Boost for compatible titles. Currently, few games use the FPS Boost feature on Xbox Series X, but we will get to see more. Batman: Arkham Knight seems likely to be on the list, but we need to wait patiently for it to happen.

Xbox One released Batman: Arkham Knight released back in 2015 and was considered to be the last in its series. However, Rocksteady confirmed last year that the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will take place in the same community.

Ideally will be the most happening thing for fans of Arkham Knight if they were to get an upgrade for Xbox Series X|S. It will get them familiar with the series before Suicide Squad is finally released.