Batman Exposes Reveals The Nightmare of Fortnite Island
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Batman exposes the nightmare of Fortnite Island in the latest issue of DC Comics new Batman and Fortnite crossover series. After being pushed into the world of Fortnite, Batman himself seems to be caught in an endless loop of battles.

In the first episode of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point we get to see Batman and Catwoman find each other to fight on the island. Both working together for survival taking down all the foes who sought to kill them. They were attacked by numerous characters such as Midas, Cuddle Team Leader, Raven, and more fighters from the massively popular online game.

After Batman and Catwoman manage to stay alive in the storm, it looks like they had not been playing rounds of Duos. At the start of a new battle in Batman/ Fortnite Zero-Point #2, Batman finds himself reset and looks like Catwoman has been fighting for a long time since her first victory.

Batman has only a 22 minutes interval to collect information before he forgets it all when he wakes up for another battle. Yet, Batman proves to be more resourceful with the written messages on his armor that remind him of his findings in the earlier rounds.Nightmare of Fortnite Island

The reveal also suggests Batman is able to build an improvised Batcave on the island bit by bit. It is also ensured he is reminded of finding Selina in every round. Batman gets the hang of it all and is able to track the movements of the storm as well, testing different theories in a bid to try and find a weakness in order to escape the loop.

From this, we understand the issue with Batman is a dark one, where he undergoes this memory reboot and the subsequent cycle happens to every combatant on the island.

Batman eventually realizes only one person has the chance to survive the storm. So he instructs Selina to kill him at the end of the battle and escape. After she escapes, Batman wakes up one more time, this time with Selina making her way out and looks as if Batman has lost all the messages and records he had kept. An aftereffect of being killed by another fighter as opposed to the storm, this is how he has been dying at the end of each round.

Anyways this new series from DC Comics has revealed Batman still has a way to escape the endless nightmare loop of battles in Fortnite.

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