Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Update to Arrive Next Week
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Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Update will finally arrive next week. The much-awaited feature was actually scheduled for February but got delayed alongside the game’s first season, much to players’ dismay. 

DICE planned to roll out the revamped scoreboard later this week but decided against it to avoid potential issues showing up over the weekend, according to Community Manager, Adam Freeman.

Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Update to Arrive Next Week
According to DICE the latest Battlefield 2042 scoreboard update 3.3 features players’ feedback and now displays Deaths alongside Kills. It also comes with a team split that will help differentiate leaders per team. 

Additionally DICE said, “a small range of additional fixes” that’ll be detailed in patch notes available next week. “Our decision to release the update next week will mean a further suspension of Weekly Missions, and the system will remain inactive this week,” 

According to Freeman, the next week’s update will include new content that will enable players to re-enable this feature.

Players who own the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, Upgraded Edition, and EA Play Pro subscription will be eligible for the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle that was announced last month. 

All the content will go live as part of update 3.3. The release dates for the patch and deployment will be announced shortly, stay tuned with us to know more. 

The Russian helicopter weekly mission reward has been removed indefinitely from Battlefield 2042 amidst the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict. 

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