Big Fortnite Star Wars Crossover Coming to Fortnite
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In the midst of a Fortnite Star Wars season similar to X-Wings rumors, a Fortnite Star Wars crossover coming to the platform is gaining traction. 

The rumors might just come true, as Epic Games’ chief creative officer Donald Mustard in a tweet raises eyebrows. In yet another tweet by Twitter user, @polaq mentions the Unreal Engine 5 live stream featured a folder called “C3S3_VADER”.

Looks like if Darth Vader news is real, it’s planned for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. This means more events are planned in a galaxy far far away. Additionally, Donald Mustard’s Instagram caption says, “that’s no Moon!?” 

It is quite possible he is simply messing up with us all, though Fortnite has already featured characters like Boba Fett, and lightsabers recently got re-added to the game’s files.  We may have to wait, till then stay tuned with us to view more hints from Mustard in the meantime.

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