Bloodshore An FMV Take on The Hunger Games
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Bloodshore an FMV take on The Hunger Games, Coming to PS4. Bloodshore is an interactive action game developed by Wales Interactive, 50 participants are dropped onto an island. The players are required to survive at any cost, while people watch the event on TV around the world. The fate of Nick, a washed-up actor is in your hands as he fights for a life-changing cash prize.

Other gaming titles such as The Complex and Five Dates will also be launching on PS4 this November.

The Bloodshore comes with massive FMV footage, ever published in a single game.

The game contains the usual player choices that change the story and affect the relationships you form with other contestants.

The game looks similar to previous Wales Interactive joints, though we will wait for how well it goes with players around, though FMC game titles are always interesting.

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