Boogie Bomb Fortnite-Battle Royale Toy Discovered at Boston Airport
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Boogie Bomb – Fortnite: Battle Royale Toy Discovered at Boston Airport by the airport security.

In Spite of the very strict Airport Security around the world,travelers tend to forget the basics and still bring questionable items with them.

The security authorities at Boston Airport on Tuesday (30 August) during an inspection discovered the Boogie Bomb. It is a rare utility item available on Fortnite that causes everyone in its blast radius to start dancing for 5 seconds or until they take damage, whichever comes first.

The owner of this toy discovered that the officials at TSA weren’t amused by the game. The toy was confiscated

Toy weapons are generally allowed, but you must check them in accordance to TSA’s rules.

The agency said that toy grenades similar to the one used in Fortnite are prohibited because it looks too much like a real grenade.

Explosives are prohibited in checked and carry-on baggage. This includes replicas of explosives, such as hand grenades.

If an item is considered a security risk, the TSA officer has the ability to prohibit it from passing through screening.

Security officers at airport prevented a man carrying throwing stars and daggers from boarding a flight. They found that this man had been traveling to recent hotspots like Iraq or Afghanistan not just overseas but in the US as well.

This year, officials at Boston Logan Airport’s security checkpoint have discovered 18 firearms. The most recent firearm was found on 18 August. The gun was the size of a pen.

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