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A couple of Call of Duty Warzone streamers have been banned from the Twitch platform. Alex Zedra, Mara actress spotted the Warzone cheaters while they were hosting on their channels. 

Mara is a Warcom operator character in the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. In her tweet she said, “Hey @Twitch I hosted a streamer hacking during a tourney…just thought you should know. IcyVixen and BeardedBanger.”

This resulted in the suspension of Warzone streamer Sarah “Icy Vixen” Belles on Twitch.  The clip forwarded by Mara shows her tracking an enemy that she hasn’t yet seen through a dirt mound, despite having no nearby pings from teammates that would suggest the enemy is there.

BeardedBanger is her partner who managed to amass 40000 followers in just 11 days after starting her stream. BeardedBanger also came under scrutiny after she defended Belles in a clip. This resulted in Twitch taking disciplinary action against BeardedBanger by banning. It is not clear if both the Warzone streamer’s in-game accounts have been banned. 

Warzone has a reputation for cheating but has managed to shrug it off its shoulders to gain massive success ever since it was launched in March 2020.

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