Call of Duty - Vanguard Beta Open Extended
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The Call of Duty – Vanguard Beta kicked off last Thursday, in that case, you will get more time with the beta fully open on Saturday on all platforms.

Activision has made this decision keeping in mind, players who did not pre-order the game got only two days to play. This will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves a bit more.

Call of Duty – Vanguard Beta has been extended by 48 hours and will end on Wednesday, September 22 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK. There will be no change in the beta’s content, it means no new maps or weapons, which may sound a bit unusual for Call of Duty beta.

Players can continue to enjoy playing the beat until they reach level 20. Here you will get a weapon blueprint in the full game launch. Shortly after the beta ends, you will also get the Arthur Kingsley operator in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Vanguard beta has got mixed responses from players, many liked the WW2 reskin of Modern Warfare 2019. Though the beta has not managed to grab the desired response. The game has consistently failed to break into Twitch’s top five. With talk of the increasing number of cheaters running the game in online chat is also not helping its cause.

Activision has responded by making changes and appointed a new HR head from Disney, which is not working for the company. The company also was sued by its employee over unfair practices and the hiring of a union-busting law firm after the allegations were made public.

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