Call of Duty_ Warzone
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Call of Duty: Warzone has gained immense popularity ever since it was launched in March 2020. According to Activision before the year 2021 started the game already surpassed 85 million players.

While talking with USA Today, Statham said it was her husband and kids who encouraged her to try streaming.tacticalgrandma

She lives with her husband, daughter and son in law and two grandkids. Since she had arthritis it was difficult for her to play games using thumbsticks so she switched over to PC.

Statham started streaming playing the first-person battle-royale game “Apex Legends” in 2019. Later she moved over to Warzone, before starting off as a full-time streamer she was a stay home mom.

She has a busy schedule of 40 hours a week, she spends 6 days on Facebook gaming and 2 on Twitch. She had a decent following earlier on TikTok, which took off after a video she posted on 28th Jan. She displayed some skills with the sniper gun she used with precision.

Her “Oh he’s down! Oh my gosh!” shout after an accurate headshot got some eyeballs rolling. People started to react with comments from other players.


Snipety snipe🔥 #kiss #grandma #gamer #sniper #cod #duetthis

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

@ericx1346 in a comment said – “My grandma can’t even use her phone correctly.” While @lost_cp another TikTok user said, “Grandma snipes better than me.”

Tactical Grandma was an instant hit, the video got more than 5 million views. The day the incident took place she had no internet connection back home. Her husband had to drive her to a hotel in the town with an internet connection. She posted a video after explaining to her fans how she could not stream and uploaded the video on TikTok.

People are curious to know how people her age are frowning about spending time playing video games and look at her, she is going all guns blazing.