Call of Duty Warzone Latest Updates Are Turning the Game Into Fortnite
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The latest Call of Duty- Warzone latest updates are turning the game into Fortnite. This can be seen as players are confused seeing the cartoony skins in the battle royale, many of them criticizing Raven Software for copying Fortnite.

Both the games have a lot of differences with the Warzone using realism in its stories in each Season. While Fortnite on the other attracts players with joyful emotes and a number of crossovers, thanks to the number of Fortnite collaborations to feature characters from Tomb Raider to Venom and more. The entire battlefield looks a lot like the floor of a bustling convention.

The latest Panda Bulldozer Operator skins are something the Call of Duty fans are not happy about. Especially the shades outside of khaki, brown, grey, and navy blue popping up in the very serious set of Verdansk. To be honest, the Panda Bear, Red Panda, and Pain Panda skins do look silly.

According to a Reddit user SkarZer0, “CoD couldn’t stick to their original theme and audience. God help us if [Battlefield 2042] doesn’t too.

Another Reddit user HeyoItsMrMayo said, “As both a lover of red pandas and a fan of Bulldozer, this is absolutely my favorite skin ever.”

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