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Caroline, Captain Puffy – Cara a popular Twitch streamer hits the 20k Twitch Subs. She is known for her Minecraft and Among Us gameplay. It is satisfying to watch her grow as a content creator and pave the way for female streamers.

Captain Puffy started playing Minecraft when it was released in 2010 but became a regular with Twitch only after 2014.

She is a regular on Twitch when it comes to Minecraft and Among Us. She is making news with her game videos she posts on Twitch. She has managed to grow her fan following from 10k to 20k today.

There are tons of tweets posted on Twitter congratulating them for her achievement.

In one of her tweets Captain Puffy thanks fans for the accomplishment.

Here is another that congratulated her on her achievment.

Caroline has collaborated with other gamers such as Kara Corvus, DreamWasTaken, BadBoyHalo, and Eret on Minecraft videos.

In reality, Caroline is colorblind and on Dream SMP. She is also known to be a bisexual is one of the several LGBTQ+ members in Dream SMP.

She is also popular on her YouTube channel which was launched in 2018. This channel also hosts a number of her Minecraft content.